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Simon Lewis, Bright Star Boxer

Due to massive lifestyle changes I became alcohol dependent around 6 years ago. My anxiety was through the roof, I was so angry at everything and I felt so alone.

The alcohol, anger and anxiety lead to me not having a strong relationship with my twins who are very young. My fiancée left me because I was out of control and a couple of months ago I almost ended my life.

I saw an article in the Shropshire Star about Bright Star starting Counterpunch sessions for people with poor mental health, I was willing to try anything.

I could relate so much to everyone's story and combined with boxing I started to control my anger. A few months on and I am now boxing at bright star 3 times a week plus putting in extra work at home.

I no longer need counselling and last weekend my fiancée moved back in with me and said she has seen some amazing changes. I have the best relationship with my kids ever and have so many goals around boxing. 

I want to inspire others to take the same steps that I have.