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Keaton, 15, Bright Star Futures

Keaton was disengaged in school, his attendance was very low and he would often walk out of lessons.

His anger was as he describes "out of control". He was referred to the Bright Star futures programme to help him manage his emotions and to reengage back into education

The Bright Star staff helped Keaton see a future vision and set goals related to this.

Within the first 6 months Keaton's attendance increased significantly and he did not leave his lessons, he said that this is because school is a huge part of his goals.

He now has coping mechanisms for his anger and his reacts on logic rather than emotion. School staff have said "we are so so proud of how focused and disciplined Keaton has become, he has made huge positive changes".

We are working with Keaton to help him gain a career as a mechanic and are very hopeful of him gaining an apprenticeship next year, this is something that he really wants to do and is working hard towards. Keaton says, "I now have the direction I have always needed in my life Bright star has given me a future".