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Damion, 16, Junior Boxer

I've always struggled with my fears, especially crowds. It's stopped me doing a lot of things and combined with ADHD has led to me getting into a lot of trouble. I have been expelled from school and been involved with the police. My anger was really unstable, I often hurt myself by hitting walls in frustration or lost close friends because I didn't feel in control.

I was referred to Bright Star and at first I didn't think it was a good idea because of my social fears. But the coaches opened up the doors when the gym was closed and did one to one training with me until I felt comfortable at the club, they then slowly got me used to boxing with people around, by doing one to one pad work whilst the sessions were happening around me. They didn't just teach me to box, they made it feel like a family and told me different ways of dealing with my anger and overcoming my anxiety.

In just 5 months I have evolved. I look forward to the boxing sessions and am getting so good. I have a punch bag at home, which is great for practice and for channeling my anger. I deal with bad situations so much better. I train hard and now when we have newcomers I like to help show them the basics too.

Because of boxing my confidence has grown so much that I had the courage to ask out a girl who I would have never of dreamed of even trying to talk to before, she's now my girlfriend and will come and watch me box in my first bout when I'm ready. I've overcome my fear of crowds too... boxing has helped me overcome all of my fears... nothing will stop me now!