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Arron McAllister, Amateur Boxer

Up until a year ago, life was very dull. I worked all week and drank away every penny I had at the weekend. I became alcohol dependent and struggled to have a positive relationship with my son.

I joined Bright star in January 18, I needed to try and come away from alcohol and heard about how they had supported others. The club made me see much more to life, I could do something positive and they made me want to be a better person.

I now train most evenings and my son who is 7 is also a member of Bright Star. We train together at home almost every night. We are so close now and hearing him say he is proud of me for my boxing is an incredible feeling. 

I have lost so much weight and have been clean for 8 months. I have just made it into the Amateur squad because of the hard work I have been putting in and how much I've improved. I am also running to help with my fitness and my life outside of boxing has improved so much because of this.