Brightstar Futures Expands Across West Midlands

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Hannah Hambleton
June 28, 2022

There are many young people who find a mainstream school environment difficult. To support these young people, schools need access to quality, affordable and engaging alternative education provision. In 2019, Brightstar created the Futures programme to meet this need.

These young people may be:

  • At risk of becoming NEET
  • At risk of being permanently excluded from school
  • Experiencing issues with mental health or challenging behaviour
  • Have experienced trauma, or have ACEs.

Boxing, Mentoring and Education for Alternative Education Provision

We use boxing, education and mentoring to inspire, engage and connect with every single young person referred to us. We're dedicated to drive achievement and positive behaviour changes, supporting mental health with a trauma based support response if required.

Brightstar Futures alternative education programme has been running for over three years across areas including Telford & Wrekin, Shropshire, Hereford and Powys. We currently support over 180 young people ages 11-16 years old with a unique combination of boxing, mentoring and education.

The key focus of the Futures programme is to provide engaging, quality and impactful
alternative provision for every single young person referred to us from mainstream education.
Futures increases levels of self confidence, as well as improves how young people can manage
their anger and mental health.

Helping every young person to believe, belong and become

In 2021-22, young people on the programme reported increased self-confidence, better anger management, improved mental health and an increased feeling of self-belief.

Bright Star Futures is now expanding across the West Midlands, including in Wolverhampton.

Brightstar Futures is now expanding across the West Midlands, with new programmes starting in Wolverhampton in September 2022. Matt Sen, lead for the Wolverhampton Futures franchise explained the power of the Futures programme, 'What the Futures programmes does is help young people become the best version of themselves. We engage them with boxing, mentoring and education to support their mental health and choices. We're delighted to be able to expand across the West Midlands, allowing Brightstar to support more young people.'

If you would like to find out more about Bright Star Futures alternative education provision, including the new programmes across Wolverhampton and the West Midlands, please contact Joe Lockley on [email protected] or 07966 416267, or Matt Sen on 07853 307684.

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