Why should women try boxing? Here are 5 great reasons.

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Hannah Hambleton
March 8, 2021

When you think of boxing, most people will imagine a huge, strong man looking angry. But this isn't true, and certainly not for your typical 2021 boxer. Many incorrect ideas can be a barrier to women getting involved in boxing; perhaps it's aggressive, that it's all about fighting, that it's male-dominated. What about the cliché 'boxing isn't for girls!'? But these stereotypes aren't accurate. At all.

Boxing is an all-gender sport, with huge benefits for everyone, at any level. But the advantages for women have been particularly well-documented.; including helping to increase fitness, enhance self-confidence and improve mental health.

So why should women try boxing? Here are 5 powerful reasons.

Stress relief

Boxing classes provide a controlled, safe environment to work through any pent-up frustrations, stress or feelings of anger. Boxing can also encourage a healthier lifestyle generally in terms of nutrition, mental wellbeing and sleep. These are all important for managing stress better. The concentration needed when boxing can help too – often taking people out of a stressful situation by focusing on the present.


Learning how to defend yourself is an empowering experience for women, and boxing is a great way to do this. As well as increasing self-confidence, boxing will help improve strength, teach how to punch effectively and powerfully, as well teach key defensive moves.

Mental health benefits

Boxing, as with all exercise, increases the level of endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals that can help improve mood. But there are other substantial mental health benefits too. Boxing can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by focusing on the mind and body in the present moment. Encouraging, friendly classes support better mental health by being with supportive people, and the achievement that comes with learning to box can be a really powerful way to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

Improves functional strength

Boxing is a fantastic way to improve functional strength for women. The different techniques used in training help to build muscular endurance and longevity, and these increase strength and physical ability that carries through to everyday life outside of the gym.

Boxing torches fat and increases endurance

Skipping, sparring, speed drills, pad work, and punching mean that boxing is a full-on, full-body workout. These different exercises target different body areas with different intensities at different times, continually challenging your body for endurance building. Boxing is incredible for burning fat, too, especially visceral fat. It's also a great cardiovascular workout. 

Boxing empowers women

Boxing can transform lives by empowering women. One woman who has benefited hugely from boxing is Kat Stanworth, who shed 13 stone and overcame depression and anxiety. She said, "I started boxing at Bright Star to help with my weight loss, I have now lost over 13 stone. However, the main benefits have been mentally. I used to really struggle to manage my mental health, but now through boxing I’m able to self-regulate and take control".

Female only boxing sessions

At Bright Star, we know how amazing boxing can be for women. That’s why we're committed to introducing boxing to a female audience by running female-only boxing training, as well as our female-only Counterpunch sessions which combine mental health support with boxing.

For us, female boxing isn't just about throwing you into the ring- it's about developing confidence, teaching self-defence and helping to improve fitness.

To find out more about the female only boxing sessions at Bright Star, please contact us here.

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